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My name is Emily. I'm 23 years old, and I love tickle torture.

My victims are usually girls, around my age, and they are all very, very ticklish.

There's no bigger rush for me, than kidnapping a sexy young girl, taking then down and locking them in my tickle torture dungeon, getting them all tied down nice and tight on my table, and tickling them for hours and hours until they scream tearful begs for mercy. I love to hear them scream for help hopelesssly when I refuse to stop, knowing that nothing can save them.

I usually tickle their tummies, sides and ribs, as well as their belly buttons and armpits, and I find spots which are particularly ticklish and exploit them as best as possible, for as long as possible.

Slow methodical tickling torture for extended periods of time on helpless little schoolgirl's curvy and sexy bodies is what I live for.

My last victim, a Miss Rita Lee, truly experienced her worst ticklish nightmare the moment she awoke tied down in my torture chamber.

I had already drugged her and taken her down into my dungeon, and I was preparing myself upstairs for another long night of tickling. I had on my black lacey tights and my hair was all done up. I was wearing nothing except an eye mask and my tights.

Rita had probably woken up by now so I had to hurry. I put on my tickling gloves, which protected DNA samples and fingerprints from getting on her, as well as providing perfect grip for torturing her stomach and ribs.

I unlocked the chamber door and walked in, turning around and shifting the huge lock in place on the door.

And there she was.

The young beauty lying spreadeagle on my tickling table. Her wrists and ankles tied down with leather straps, as well as straps to keep her thighs still. A leather strap across her face muffled her screaming.

Her luscious body looked begging to be tickled in the candlelight of my medieval style stone torture chamber. The place was lighted with large candles arranged on the stone wall, I had various instruments of torture arranged neatly on my workbench, and a large iron door, sealing the dungeon chamber shut, trapping her inside with me. I glanced at my workbench, taking an inventory: feathers, needles, electric toothbrushes, more feathers... alright, everything was there. I was ready to start the torture session.

I walked up besides my gagged victim and ran a finger up her smooth stomach.
"Do you know why you're here?" I said to her.
She shook her head and struggled in her bondage. Her eyes were filled with fear. Every muscle pulled against her restraints in the hope of getting free.

"You're here because you are going to be my little tickle toy. I'm going to tickle torture you for several hours, purely for my own amusement. I will make you scream, struggle and beg for me to stop. Just remember that there is absolutely no escaping or getting away... you're gonna be here for a loooong time. Think of this as your punishment for having such a sexy body for such a young girl."

Rita screamed into her gag at the sound of this inevitable fate. She shut her eyes and shook her head violently, as if trying to awake from a bad dream. But it was all too real. She was about to face one of the most unbearable tortures to endure. She moaned and squirmed hopelessly, watching my fingers' every move with terror.

"Now, without further ado, let's not waste any more time and start making use of this wonderful body! I bet you're ticklish riiiight heere..."

I waggled my fingers above her defenseless tummy and she fought against her leather straps, desperately screaming.

"Oh, you're trying to escape? That's cute. Come on, let me see how ticklish you are!"

I began by digging the three fingers on each of my hands into her sides, and wriggling my fingers slowly, causing Rita to violently shriek and struggle helplessly to somehow get away, much to my satisfaction.

"Oh! I knew it! This is torture for you, isn't it! Is it unbearable?"

I was met with a reply of pained laughter and more struggling. Her cute little face went bright red from the strain of laughing as I continued to tickle her. I moved my fingers up, testing the ticklishness of her ribs.

I stopped, undoing Rita's leather mask so I could hear her laugh and scream. The dungeon was soundproofed anyway.


"We just started! Your torture is gonna last much longer since you're this ticklish. I can't let your perfect body go to waste."


"No one can hear you down here... Hehehe you're doomed, my dear, and you're all mine to play with for as long as I please. Now be quiet and take your tickling punishment!"

I began to tickle her ribs, and Rita screamed in ticklish agony. Her laughs were pure delight to me, and her screams for help filled the dungeon and echoed for no one. She wriggled and struggled, but was hardly able to move. I still had total, unpresidented access to her entire midsection.

"Ooooo... yes! You are a very ticklish girl, aren't you? I hope this isn't too much hell for you!" I teased.


I resumed attacking her ribs, sending her body into fits of uncontrollable laughter and pain.

I tried her stomach and got better results. Her laughs turned to screams and her struggling turned to thrashing. This was utter torture for her now.

"Wow! look at how hard this makes you scream! I'm gonna be tickling this spot for a while! Let's see how much you can take"

Rita was laughing too much to respond. I did not cease my onslaught of tickling, as her screams of pained laughter and thrashing made me too excited to stop.

I used one hand to do her stomach and one for her ribs. I used my thumb and other fingers to just tickle the top of her stomach, and I tickled her ribs with my right hand. Rita was now laughing and screaming on the verge of tears. She couldn't believe how hopelessly ticklish she was and how good of a tickler I was. This torture was like nothing she had ever experienced, and all she wanted was for me to stop. But I was just getting started.

"Mmmm... Your tummy is so smoothe and sexy... I could tickle it for hours!"


I giggled at her futile begs for mercy, continuing to attack her stomach, making sure every inch of her sexy young belly was used equally. She had no chance of getting away from me, and I could tell that the utter terror of her predicament began to sink in.


"Who do you think will save you now? Just accept that you're my little tickle slave now and there's nothing you can do about it!"

I fell into a trance like state of mercilessly tickling this bound girl, hypnotically watching her body convulse and tears stream down her bright crimson cheeks. Hearing her prolonged screams of agony made me salivate and I felt myself getting wet. Sooner or later I would have to start the clit tickling and get my victim cumming for me.

It must have been an hour that went past before I snapped out of my gaze. Rita had broken out into a full body sweat and her voice was hoarse from screaming. I took my hands off her stomach and observed the soaking wet, panting girl that lay before me.

"You've worn yourself out aleady! Tsk tsk, well, we still have much more of your body to punish, so let's not waste too much time."

Rita shook her head desperately. "No... No... No please... No more! PLEASE! I BEG YOU!"

She groaned loudly and pulled on her leather cuffs wrapped tightly around each wrist, twisting them as if to find some way of slipping her hands free. After trying several times and getting nowhere, she gave up and slumped her tired body on the table again.

"Now I'm going to strap you down in even more places on your body, because this next torture is much worse, and I don't want you moving around too much since I need to be very precise. Plus, being completely unable to move means you can concentrate on the tickling that much more!

As she whimpered helplessly at this new fate I grabbed a leather strap and secured it over her stomach, and grabbed another and secured it over her chest under her perky little tits.

"There.. Try getting out of that!" I teased. Rita proceeded to attempt to move her midsection, and failed miserably, much to her despair.

I grabbed another two smaller leather straps and tied down her upper arms. She was now hopelessly unable to even struggle or wriggle, and she desperately moaned and fidgeted.

"I... can't even move at all!" She said, her voice shaky with terror. "Please! You already tickled me for at least an hour! Please have mercy, I beg you! I'll give you money! Anything! Why won't you let me go?!"

"An hour is nothing! Some of my victims get tortured for twelve hours or more! You might be one of those unlucky ones, since you're just sooo, amazingly ticklish!"

"Why are you doing this?!" Rita was on the verge of breaking.

"I love to see you girls all tied up in my dungeon and subjected to my prolonged tickle torture. It's too sexy how you scream and laugh and plead for mercy when I relentlessly torture you. And don't act like you don't love it! I see how wet your tight little pussy is getting! You love being all tied up and helpless like this, I can tell!"

She fidgeted uncomfortably, cursing her body for betraying her like this.

"Well don't worry, we're gonna have a lot of fun with that little area right now." I said as I walked over to my tool bench. My hand glazed over the array of torture devices at my disposal. The feather of course, was the optimal choice for tickling her clitoris.

I picked it up, closely admiring each tantalizing fibre in the feather, and walked back over to the tightly restrained brunette.

"Wha-? What are you going to do with that?!"

"This is a cardinal feather. It's bristles are perfect for use on... the most amazingly sensitive part of your body!"

As my words echoed around in her head, she twitched involuntarily and began breathing heavily.

"You don't mean my...?! You can't be serious!"

Her question was answered as I tightened her thigh straps tighter so her legs  were pulled further apart, revealing her pretty pink pussy in all it's delicious glory.
I climbed onto the table, a devilish grin on my face, and the feather in my right hand, eager to begin tickling the sexiest part of her luscious body.

As I parted her soft labia with my thumb and index finger, I nearly came when I saw her tiny little clit, almost begging for the tip of my feather.

"Oooh... Look at that little clit!" I said as Rita moaned and squirmed with morbid anticipation.

"P-Please! Don't!"

"Oh my... This is going to be so much fun..."

I slowly and precisely administered the tip of the feather directly onto her clitoris, making every muscle in her lower body clench with stimulation. I looked up at her face and watched the expression on her face.

"Aaah-AAAHH! Oh-! AAaahh!"

The eighteen year old brunette helplessly moaned and whimpered as I drew circles on her clit with the tip of the feather. I licked my lips as I saw her pussyhole and butthole simultaneously clench and spasm with pleasure as I tickled her clitoris mercilessly.

"S-Stop! I'll do a-anything! Please don't!"

As she said this, she began breathing harder.
"Are you going to cum? Already?"

"Oh god! N-no please stop!"

Rita's moaning intensified and I continued to quickly flick the feather back and forth over her clit as she helplessly watched. Her thighs began to shake and below I saw her butthole tense up as I filled her body with increasing pleasure.

"Oh god! Ohh! OHH! UUUUH! NO STOP!"


Seconds afterwards, there before me, I watched Rita cum for the first time.

I watched with the utmost satisfaction as Rita screamed moans of pure ecstasy into the damp air of my dungeon. Her body rocked with forced pleasure as I held the feather vertically and brushed the side of the feather up and down vigorously over her stimulated clit. I couldn't believe how hot it was to watch Rita helplessly orgasm in front of me. My expert feather skills made her climax for an agonizing 15 seconds.

After her orgasm ended and she stopped moaning, I lowered my face to her pussy and began slowly licking her out, tasting all of her young, warm pussy. I wrapped my whole mouth around her vagina and dug deep into her with my tongue.

Rita was clearly struggling in her bondage at the feeling of having her pussy licked out by another girl.

"I'm definitely making you do that many more times... That was incredible - how hard you came!"

I got no reply except heavy panting and whimpering from the physically spent young girl.

"Let's play with your other sensitive parts..."

I hooked up her ankle braces to two chains that hung from the cieling, and hoisted her legs up in the air. She still couldn't move and certainly had no chance of escape.

And now I had access to her tight little butthole.

"Look at this tender little asshole you have! It's so tight, young and sexy... I just want to abuse it with my electric toothbrush!"

I got up, leaving Rita to squirm at the thought of what was about to happen to her ass.

"Let's see... Oral B Sonar Pulse... Or the Colgate extra vibe brush... Your asshole seems like it needs the extra vibe."

I picked up my Colgate brush which was perfect for tight and sensitive ones like Rita's. I flicked the power button and the dungeon chamber was filled with that distinct buzzing sound of the bristles. I bit my lower lip in excitement and behind me I heard more desperate groans and pulling of wrists against the leather cuffs.

"Please don't!"

I slowly walked over to her, as she continued to beg and plead. I held the buzzing toothbrush up so she could see it, before I slowly lowered it towards her butthole while she watched with horror.

"N-no! No don't! Dooon't!! Stop it!"

"I'm gonna do it.. and you can't do anything about it..."

The toothbrush was getting centimeters away now, and Rita was clenching her asshole with anticipation.

"Let's see what you think of this!"

I touched the buzzing bristles directly onto it. I saw her entire asshole vibrate from the toothbrush against it, and Rita moaned with pleasure coming from her ass.

"Mmmm... You girls are so over protective of your butts, it must be torture to watch another girl tickle your asshole, knowing that you can't say or do anything to make it stop. Just give in to your feminine desires and let yourself be pleasured by my vast array of tools, designed to torture girls like you!"

While I tickled her asshole with the brush, I reached up and tickled her tummy again with one hand. She tensed up again, laughing in between moans from the pleasure in her ass. She lifted up her head and simply watched my fingers attack her tummy with unrelenting tickle torture, frustratingly whining as there was nothing she could do to make the tickling stop.

Her butthole was bright pink now from the buzzing electric toothbrush. I pressed it in harder, some of the bristles even going into her asshole.

I could now keep the toothbrush there without holding it so I could use both hands for tickling.

I pinched around her stomach and squeezed her sides, making her erupt into fits of laughter.

I watched her scream and laugh beneath my torturous grasp.

"Oh yes.. It's unbearable isn't it! My experienced fingers will continue to make you suffer for as long as I want!"

Rita couldn't form a reply.

I stopped tickling her, to let her catch her breath so she didn't pass out. The dungeon chamber was filled with the sound of the toothbrush buzzing away inside her pink, tender little asshole.

"My, my, haven't you been a cooperative little tickle toy. I should reward you with some more forced orgasms. Do you want the feather again on your clit? Or do you want something else?"

"NOOO! Not the feather! Please!"

"Aww that's too bad... I'm using it anyway! Hehehehe!"

"Oh please no! Please... Stop tickling me like this! This is torture!"

Rita's begging made me even hornier and I slipped two fingers into my soaking wet pussy, quickly fingering myself for a few seconds while I grabbed the feather. It felt so good I nearly came right then and there.

I walked back over to Rita who had given up trying to struggle and she just lay in wait for me to start torturing her clit.

Her legs were still raised in the air so I grabbed the electric toothbrush from her asshole and licked the bristles. I slowly tasted the brush that had buzzed her butthole
red-raw, and savoured the sharp taste. I put it down and reached around her raised legs to apply the feather tip to her clitoris. As I was standing at the foot of the table, her sore asshole was right in my face in between those juicy, round cheeks that undulated with every twitch of pleasure. I stuck my tongue out and drew it closer to Rita's asshole. I still had my arm reached around her legs and was tickling her entire pussy with the edge of the feather, running its full length between her pussy lips back and forth and back and forth relentlessly.
I began to fully lick her asshole, feeling the muscles contract on my tongue with the pleasure from her clit. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could, sliding it back and forth, tongue-fucking her asshole. It tasted so good I pinched my clit with my other hand.

Rita was in ecstasy - whether she wanted to be or not. Having her vagina treated with the feather and her butthole licked out was too much to handle for her and she quickly approached her second climax.

"S-stop! Don't make me-!"
"I-...I can't hold it-!"
"No! P-please no!"


Rita's butthole clenched around my tongue as she climaxed hard for the second time. She squirted a little bit onto my hand that was holding the feather and I saw her face go red as she rode through the powerful orgasm that grasped her spent body.

She was left a sweaty, panting mess as I continued to tickle her clitoris with the feather tip and lick out her butt, even after she had cum.

"Oh god... My... I can't take any more..."

I took another feather from my bench and reached around the other side of her legs, now pleasuring her pussy with two feathers. I used one to purely tickle her clit, and the other explored the other parts, tickling her lips, her peehole... Anything that could give her pleasure. My tongue was still in her ass, and I pressed my face against her buttcheeks, which were soft and smoothe, yet perky and perfectly round. Her ass was so perfect, I wanted to bite her round and juicy buttcheeks. Her asshole tasted delicious too, it was just clean enough to lick, yet I still got a taste of Rita's shit and her stale farts. I wrapped my lips around her butthole and continued tongue-fucking her ass.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum again... Aaaaah..! Oh god - !"

I used both of the feathers on her clit, sticking my tongue deep into her asshole and moving it around the inside in circles.

"Oooh-! Oooooh-! OOOOOHH! OHHH NOOOOO-!"

Rita pulled every muscle against her restraints as she orgasmed for the third time. The pleasure coming from her body was like nothing she had ever experienced. The two feathers on her clit, my tongue wriggling in her asshole, and the feeling of being tied down in an inescapable dungeon and forced to cum, made her climax that much better.

"Oh god... Oh fuck .. *pant*.. Please... I can't cum any more... I can't take it."

My tongue was still in her ass, so I withdrew it, giving her butthole one last kiss before I stood up.

"Cumming twice in such a short time! You really must be a horny little slut. That's ok, I know what you orgasm-craving teenage girls want..."

I let her legs back down to the table and fastened them down again, along with her thighs.

"How ticklish are your armpits?" I asked as I walked around the table above her head.

"NO! Please no more tickling! Noooohoho! I can't!"

I unfastened the special leather cuffs used for pit tickling - which are two side-by-side leather cuffs at arms length directly above the victim's head. I undid Rita's left arm and wrestled it into the left pit-tickle cuff, fastening the straps down tightly. I did the same for her right arm. Now both her arms were strapped down above her head, greatly exposing her armpits.

Rita struggled, screaming "No! No! No! No! No!" With panic and desperation in her voice.

"Hehehehehe... Nothing you can do now! I'm gonna tickle those armpits for hours..." I began to waggle my fingers a few inches away from her armpits, to get her screaming.


I slowly brought my hands to her pits. As soon as I made contact, Rita exploded into laughter and violent thrashing.

"Oh yess! This is where you are the most ticklish! Oh this will be fun..."

I strapped her stomach down again and put down two straps - one under her boobs and one above her boobs, to keep her chest from moving. I put the leather mask over her mouth to stop her screaming again, and tied her upper arms together with rope, and tied them down to the table.

Rita was totally unable to move, nor could she scream or beg or plead.

"This is the most restrained and secured I can make any of my victims, and I do this before I do prolonged tickle torture on their 'hotspot'. Yours being your armpits... If you thought the previous tickling was bad, then you're in for a treat. I call this the "Trapped in Tickle Hell" torture.

Rita's screams were muffled and she hopelessly tried to move any part of her body she could. When she found she could only move her head, she slumped and whimpered as she realised her worst ticklish nightmare had become all too real.

"Wait, let's just blindfold you now and then we'll begin!"

I put a blindfold over her pleading eyes and stood back, observing my perfect, bound victim.

"What you've just had was merely child's play. This is where the REAL torture begins..."

I heard her moan and whimper as she heard me walk around to the top of the table. I watched her hands pull against the tight leather cuffs. Rita desperately wanted to escape, but the reality was that she was about to be ruthlessly tickle tortured for hours and hours, with absolutely no hope of being given mercy.

"Now then, let the tickling commence..."

I began softly scraping my nails on her pits and I heard muffled screams of laughter and her head banging against the table. I increased the speed of my fingers and the pressure against her pits and she continued screaming and erupting ticklish laughter.

"Oh my... You are just so amazingly ticklish! This truly will be hell for you..."

I quickly crawled on top of her to open the toilet bowl below her tender little vagina to collect any pee in case she wets herself - which is likely at this rate. I resumed tickling her pits, getting more horny as I listened to her muffled laughter, intensifying when I tickled harder.

I grabbed both the feathers and tickled each armpit with a feather. Rita fell into a new level of ticklish hell. Her screams intensified and sweat dripped from her forehead. Her body convulsed and every ounce of energy in her body went towards pulling against her restraints.

I continued carefully brushing the feather tips over every inch of her armpits, grinning as I watched her face screwed up with pained laughter.

"This is too much fun! I simply LOVE to tickle you!"

Her abdomen spasmed with pained laughter. I took no notice and continued tickling Rita to within an inch of her life.

"You should be beginning to feel it now. The utter hopelessness. The feeling of being completely, utterly, doomed. I'm going to make sure that this is your worst nightmare made a reality. Get ready to have your armpits tickle tortured with these two feathers non-stop...
for FIVE straight hours"

Those five hours were the most excruciating Rita had ever experienced.
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Mkmydaze Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Great story!
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I challenge you to tickle wrestling with me
Yoshachu Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I don't normally like tickle fics like this with tickling/licking private parts, especially of a girl, but I do have to admit this particular fic was pretty damn hot~ X3
HappyTriangle Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014  Student Writer
I'm not gonna lie, that was one of, neigh, the best tickling story I have read in a while. Fantastic work.
PokemonAndYugioh1 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
awesome but i say you should have added foot tickling
Waruigi Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
Holy shit... That was an incredible story.
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